Free Up My Fking Computer/Virtual Space (WIP)

2023-2077 | electronics

“Free Up My Fking Computer/Virtual Space” is a lifetime project created by Fiona Xue Ju.
The project will consist of up to 100 short electronic music compositions.
For every piece I make, I add one percent to the progress.
In the end, it may reach 100%, but maybe not.
Only one plug-in, software, or hardware is used for each piece.
I will produce and release a piece every once in a while (it could be a month or a year). 


2015 | live electronics

A recorded work entirely through MAX Live control. The bizarre and noisy experimental piece of music combines the recorded piano of Chopin‘s Nocturne op.9 no.2 and a series of noises and conversations to present the inner calmness and tranquility with disturb or upset from external circumstances. September 2015.

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