Collaborative composition by Fiona Xue Ju and Carolina Santiago

Ping Pong Game

2022 | for grand piano and electronics
(fixed media and live electronics)

Fiona Xue Ju: composer, live electronics performer
Carolina Santiago: co-composer, curator, pianist

Deconstructing the piano as a ping pong table, both artists gave rise to a piece in which musical material was shared back and forth until creating a three-movement work based on the playfulness of the creative act in itself.

Premiered in Hamburg HfMT, 14 July 2022

Abstraktes Bild

2018 | flute/alto flute and fixed media

For flute/alto flute and fixed media. Inspired by Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings. I utilized electronically reprocessed sounds of a variety of recorded flute timbres to present the texture of the paintings. During the live performance, the flutist made seveal single sounds which represented the role of a scraper, a brush or the artist himself. The fixed media part shows the effect of the overall color. It was premiered on April 26th 2018 in Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory, USA.


2017 | ensemble and fixed media

Suite for 9 musicians and fixed media comprising seven movements based on seven smells: I. Bamboo and Jasmine, II. Rosemary Mint, III. Japanese Cherry Blossom, IV. Ocean Flowers, V. Spiced Pomegranate, VI. Apple Cinnamon, VII. Nag Champa. The electronic and acoustic sounds mixed and filled the air to create an environment or a concept related to the sense of smell. Premiered in April 29th 2017 in Stull Recital Hall, Oberlin Conservatory, USA.

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