2023 | 20 iPads. 20 pre-rendered videos. 8-channel fixed media for Wave-field-synthesis.

This audiovisual installation evokes Asian women’s concerns about public safety — unspoken fear and anxiety. “How are you?” “I’m fine.” The underlying message of “I’M FINE” conveys unspeakable distresses, helplessness, and silent clamor. Asian women are depicted as “exotic, erotic, and submissive” by the mainstream media and public, revealing ethnic and gender stereotypes as a social phenomenon and hyper-sexualization. They are particularly vulnerable to verbal and physical threats, sexual harassment, and violence. In this installation, each screen can be a window to peer through and an outlet to convey messages. The silence is collapsed and can be shattered – Asian women’s voices will be dissected, re-constructed, and re-presented in a political and historical context.

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