Alienation – trailer 

Alienation is a multimedia work for a dancer, live electronics, sensors, and video art (collaboration with media artist Yan Yu), recorded on May 27, 2021 at Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Kungliga Musikhögskolan), Sweden. It is one of a series of works related to the topic of “human – society – ego” I’m working on recently. Under the situation of pandemics, the works present my reflections on reality and society and the concern for human nature. By experimenting with the sound I attempt to create a growing sense of alienation from reality as people nowadays slip further into the internet era and virtual reality.

be fixated and be immersed…
to be evoked or to be manipulated…

How I built the sound system? How does it work?
There are two motion sensors are attached to the dancer’s arms . The floor is covered by several strips of tape (the material conducts electricity) and it is connected to the playtron device (turns electricity to midi cc signals) . When the dancer steps on different areas it will trigger the live electronics, and the motion of the arms (with sensors) will change the effects and parameters of the sounds.


Production/composition/interactive sound design: Fiona Xue Ju
Video art: Yan Yu
Dance: Nelia Naumanen
Stage lighting: Yan Yu
Sound recording: Fiona Xue Ju
Video recording: Qikun Wei
Video editing: Fiona Xue Ju
Special thanks to Hara Alonso

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