Personæ – Trailer

Personæ is a multimedia project for two dancers, flute, cello, live electronics, sensors, and video art.

Since the pandemic, we have spent more time being alone with ourselves. We had the time to rediscover and reconnect with ourselves. Personæ reveals an experience of being alone, dissociating or associating, a sense of presence, and a journey of reconciliation with oneself. The body has both physical and spiritual dimensions that connect with our embodied cognition and consciousness. The body has multiple attributes and its roles are diverse. In Personæ, the different approaches in music and choreography, such as spatialization of sounds, harmonics, intonations, and scale system in music, kinesphere and kinematic parameters of movement in dance are applied to link the body and sound, as well as convey the connotation of the concepts.

Premiered on 12th July, 2022 at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.

Composition, concept, production, live electronics, video art: Fiona Xue Ju
Dance, Choreography: Moe Gotoda, Ping-Cheng Wu
Cello: Carmen Kleykens Vidal
Flute: Hannah Wirnsperger
Video materials filmed by: Taizhi Shao


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